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My Travels Through Turkey

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, my name is Ianka, a Dominican who left my country to start what will be the most incredible adventure of my life. I was one of those who was introduced to Turkey after watching many Turkish series through which I fell in love with its culture: food, music, language, and history. From that moment on I have been intrigued by this exciting country and dreamed of one day setting foot in this fascinating land. Through unforeseen and life-changing events, this opportunity introduced itself to me almost as an unexpected gift.

Exploring Turkey is like walking through an open history book, where every city becomes a chapter that relates the story of important events through the encryptions found on every corner of every street. Through my writings, I will share with you my experiences as an almost mid-fifties Latin- Caribbean native in the country considered the melting point for both European and Middle-Eastern cultures. I want you to travel throughout this blog and get a sense of tastes, sounds, and feelings of my discoveries of both this captivating land and myself.

I invite you to come along with me through my journey!

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