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Plan Your Next Adventure with Us

 We specialize in meticulously handcrafted travel packages that vary from small group tours to privately guided experiences in Turkey.


Ever hoped for life beyond your workplace, school, or household chores? Sometimes life becomes repeats of routines that do not allow us to enjoy life to the fullest, discover ourselves, and be adventurous! Globally, hundreds of millions of people are looking for vacations themed around a personal touch and meaningful experiences. We at Destination Blue Dot go far and beyond to ensure our guests are not just physically active and intellectually challenged, but also emotionally attached to their experiences throughout their vacations.



Turkey’s tale is one that spans many millennia, not centuries. This land is dripping in history, influenced by cultures that came and went, and evolved into the Turkiye of today. Ancient cities were founded here by the hundreds, with Istanbul a surviving example that draws millions of awestruck visitors a year. And then there is the breathtaking coastline, epic history, magnificent Turkish cuisine, bustling bazaars, soaring mountains, incredible landscapes, and perhaps some of the most hospitable hosts you will ever meet all waiting for you to discover it for yourselves.


Why travel with us?


We are your personal concierge

As your personal concierge team with decades of executive business background and fluency in English, Spanish, and Turkish, we will make any arrangements and adaptations necessary from the moment you book to the moment you return home for you to have the most complete travel experience. Having someone local who knows all the insides and maintains numerous partnerships with local solutions providers and takes pride in sharing the riches of this mesmerizing country in all of its details will enable you to soak in this magical country to the fullest.
We are with you every step of the way, either as just the organizer of each part of your trip or with the option of having us accompany you throughout your journey ready to jump in and take care of any eventuality. You can relax knowing you will be fully taken care of even when the unexpected happens.
We are looking forward to discuss how we can customize your trip to fit your wishes with category of hotels, length of stay in each location, kinds of culinary experiences, special transportation arrangements, unique excursions, and every other detail.


Unique Itineraries

Your time in Turkey is better spent with carefully-crafted unique itineraries by Destination Blue Dot. With our exclusive journeys in Turkey, you will be taken around the most exciting sceneries and impressive historic sites that exist in our Blue Dot, which we call home. Our travel routes are also customized to give you a glimpse of all the “must-see places” as you head to your final destination. We strive not only to visit historical sites and ruins but also to have you interact with some of the most hospitable people in the world that will leave you with many new memories while making new friends along the way. 
Our mission is to create unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever long after your travel in Turkey by offering genuine interactions that are spontaneous and flexible, not being led by strict timetables, to overcrowded places and tourist traps. Let us listen to you and pay upmost attention to your wishes prior to and during your stay with us.


Unforgettable culinary experiences

It’s no secret that Turkish cuisine is globally famous. Besides the unique flavors, you can be sure of the richness of ingredients and healthy diet. Turkish people are foody; hence the numerous dishes you will find on the menu. Turkish cuisine is a rich gastronomic culture that has been affected by the country’s history as well as its geography. The abundance and diversity in terms of both the freshest ingredients and coming from many regional cultures, as well as the legacy of the Ottoman kitchen, have all played a large role in its development and continues to evolve. This has led to at least 5 Michelin star restaurants in Istanbul alone. Besides the amazing dishes on the menu you will discover unforgettable selections of Turkish wines, which has been recognized internationally as some of the best. Depending on your interest, we can arrange to have you visit some of the top vineries around the Dardanelles region, arrange a Turkish culinary class or perhaps have your Turkish coffee cup read to tell your fortune!

Beautiful Gulet .jpeg

Blue Voyage 

At Destination Blue Dot we offer our visitors expeditions to see some of the most epic and scenic places on earth from your luxurious gulet. Your Blue Voyage experience will depend on the choice of your trip, which is either a one day-trip or a three to seven-days. Typically your day will start with a full spread of Turkish breakfast, following a day leisurely spent exploring ancient sites, swimming in turquoise waters, enjoying freshly cooked local dishes, winding down sipping your cocktails, and ending the day sleeping under the stars. This is the one trip you never want to miss. You may want to consider these other destinations to enhance your trip by adding Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Saklikent Gorge, Kayakoy Ghost Town, Kaputas Beach and Lycian Rock Tombs, Kas to name a few.


Authentic Accommodations 

Destination Blue Dot offers accommodation most suitable to your budget and personal preferences. We have numerous choices, from suites, pasha mansions, traditional houses, historic buildings, and boutique hotel rooms. These accommodations showcase Turkish artisanal styles, culture, comfort, and more personalized guest experiences. Let us help you choose the perfect night’s dreams.

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